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Pediatric Rollator - Roller

Different Types and features of Pediatric Rollator for Children with Disability

Pediatric rollators are specialised walker rollators designed for children with a disability or problem walking due to an injury or illness. This device allows them to independently move around and enjoy daily activities with minimal adult supervision.

Wenzelite Rehab Pediatric Rollators for Canadian Children with Disability

Mobiliexpert.com takes pride in delivering affordable ergonomically designed  pediatric rollators manufactured by Wenzelite Rehab. It comes in different designs, sizes and colors. Choose the perfect unit for your child’s needs.

Features and Benefits of a Pediatric Rollator

Wenzelite Rehab’s pediatric rollator provides the following features and benefits to adult and children patients in Canada:

  • Ankle Prompt: prevents adult and children’s legs from scissoring
  • Seat Harness: provides support to patients who finds it difficult to stand on their own
  • Positioning Bar: provides an adjustable depth for better fit and comfort.
  • Vertical handgrips: provides an alternate handgrip position
  • One-Directional Rear Wheels: allows forward mobility for patients.
  • Swivel Wheel Locking Bracket: gives patients the option to lock the unit’s swivel wheels. Read more...
Pediatric Rollator - Roller
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