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Rollators and Walkers

What's a Rollator? Rollators are the best tool to help seniors remain active indoors and outdoors. Mobiliexpert.com can help you to choose the one that is the best for you. You can navigate our multiple Rollators categories to find the product that responds better for your specific needs. For example, 4 wheels rollators offer more stability than a 3 wheels rollator. The larger wheels are more suitable for outdoors activities. Other consideration; steel frame is stronger but a rollator with aluminum frame is lighter and more easy to push.

What's a Walker ? The walker is the basic walking equipment enabling seniors or people with temporary or permanent need of assistance to remain active and to continue moving safely. Mobiliexpert.com offers a big selection of walkers or walking aids and accessories for walkers. Walkers that we offer have different options and are adapted to your needs: folding walkers, front wheeled walkers, walkers with seat, bariatric walkers who have a weight capacity of up to 500 Lbs or adapted pediatric walkers for children. Our accessories collection includes bags, baskets, bags for walkers, skis or skates; and other tips for walkers and caddies or trolleys. We ship anywhere in Canada. For any questions, talk to an expert at 1 800 888-3558.